Reimbursement Stipend for Career Fair Expos

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Travel Reimbursement Request Form

Sample Travel Reimbursement Request Form

AP 104 Form

Sample AP 104 Form

Stipend Information

Participation Liability Waiver

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  • Stipend Information

    Stipend Information:  MBA conferences usually require participants to pay a few hundred dollars to register, plus the cost of staying at the hotel where the conference takes place and travel.  The CMC recognizes that the cost of attending may be an obstacle for some students.   The Poole College of Management (PCOM) will offer a $250 reimbursement stipend for eligible Jenkins MBA students.

    Conference Registration Stipend:   PCOM will reimburse the registration fee for one national conference up to $250 for eligible Jenkins MBA students. Travel and incidental costs are the responsibility of the conference attendee. 

    Example:  Mary Smith attended the Reaching Out Conference. She was reimbursed for her $150 registration fee.  Mary is not eligible to receive a second stipend of $100 since the program allows for reimbursement for one national conference.

  • Eligibility requirements

    Students must complete these initial deliverables to earn the conference stipend:

    1. Students must be in good academic standing (not on academic probation).
    2. Eligible for on-campus recruiting (CareerLeader self-assessment, approved Jenkins Working Professional MBA template resume on file in Gradleader, signed Jenkins no-show and renege policies, and career coach meeting).
    3. Complete a mock interview either through the one of the career center’s interviewing workshops  or through a one-on-one session with a career coach
    4. Submit a conference target company list to your career coach.

    Amount awarded 

    • The amount allowed for reimbursement related to a national career conference is $250 per *seeking student for the current academic year. The reimbursement request must be submitted within 30 days of the last day of the conference.
    • Stipend privilege is limited to students who are seeking full-time employment or an internship and have not accepted a new position at the time of the conference

    *Seeking – According to the MBACSEA Standards, seeking is defined as graduates reporting seeking full-time or short-term professional-level employment.

  • Planning and approval process

    Please note, this stipend, in accordance with university policy, is paid in the form of reimbursement for documented eligible expenses and requires submission of documentation and advance approval from the PCOM Career Center PRIOR to travel. There are no exceptions to these university requirements. Detailed instructions for application and eligibility are listed below.

    1. Students must complete the AP 104 non-Employee Travel Authorization Form with travel details and pricing information.  Students must present supporting documentation regarding the national conference including the registration cost.
      • This form should be completed and submitted before travel.
      • To complete the form, you must fill it out and sign electronically.
    2. The completed form and supporting documentation should be submitted in AP 104 Non-Employee Travel Authorization dropbox  TWO WEEKS prior to the conference.
    3. Bev Porter will return your signed approval document to you.
    4. Submit the fully executed form to Candise Lewis, Project Coordinator,
  • Reimbursement process
    1. Submit Travel Reimbursement Request form within 30 days after initial travel to Candise Lewis, Project Coordinator,
    2. Submission of receipts for reimbursement should be done all at once. Your itemized receipt must show payment by a credit card.
    3. Include conference itinerary.
    4. You will receive an email confirming the status of your reimbursement.
    5. Student reimbursement will be processed by the PCOM Business Office.