Career Leader Self-Assessment Tool

Career Leader is an interests, motivators, and skills self-assessment tool.  Take this assessment early in your program to gain insight into your special skills and areas of interest. You will review the assessment with your Career Coach.

We know most students invest in their Masters in Business Administration (MBA) program because they want to change their industry or upgrade their current role or function. These students expect their MBA program to provide significant levels of support, resources, and guidance, to help them accelerate their careers. CareerLeader is one of those resources and it is unsurpassed in its ability to provide specific, actionable guidance to you.   We highly recommend you view this loom video for a quick overview of accessing CareerLeader.

To take the assessment:

Your career coach will give you your CareerLeader username and password. They will create an account for you. Your career coach will guide you with this resource and go over your assessment with you. Visit: and follow the onscreen prompts to the NEW USER section of the page Enter your email address: i.e., Enter your registration key: ncstate-keeper (the hyphen is required)

Please click the View Resource button below OR click this link to go directly to the assessment.

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