Conference Introduction

What Are Diversity Conferences? 

Hosted early in the fall semester by a select group of affinity driven professional organizations, Diversity Conferences are multi-day MBA level professional development and recruiting events where Fortune 500 employers flock to connect with, interview, and hire a broad range of MBA talent.

Some conferences, such as National Black MBA and MBA Veterans, will have hundreds of employers and thousands of students in attendance, all of which will be actively recruiting for internship and full-time roles across a wide range of functions, industries, and geographies.

To learn more about the top four Diversity Conferences for MBAs and the mission, vision, and values of their respective parent organizations, please review the links below:

What are the Odds of Securing an Internship or Full-Time Job through a Diversity Conference?  

Every year hundreds of MBAs across the nation will receive internship and full-time job offers from a connection made or interview conducted at a Diversity Conference. 

Recruiting success at a Diversity Conference ultimately depends on the rigor of your preparation efforts. Candidates who attend Diversity Conference training sessions offered by the CMC, and who engage early in actively exploring and managing their careers, are most likely to find success.

In Fall of 2021, 100% of First Year MBAs who attended a diversity conference in-person received internship offers, each receiving 1-3 offers each. While these statistics are compelling, it is critical to understand that each one of these students poured countless hours into their preparation efforts, many beginning their journeys in the summer months — just as you are now. This level of success is hard earned.

Career Management Center Conference Support 

To promote participation in diversity conferences and support student success at these events, the Career Management Center will offer several services: 

  • Informational presentations about the Diversity Conferences
  • Interview skills preparation workshops
  • On-the-ground support for attendees of the National Black MBA conference
  • A Diversity Conference Reimbursement Stipend of up to $350 

See the “Diversity Conference Stipend Reimbursement” page for more information about stipend stipulations.