Beyond B-School

Preparation is key!  Beyond BSchool is a tremendous resource for you to prepare for your job search and land your dream job.  This tool is beneficial for MBAs at any level of their professional career. 24/7 you are able to easily access effective career management advice and tools.  The online resources were developed specifically for graduate business schools to enable students and alumni to excel in the job market and advance their careers.  Available programs include videos, toolboxes, deep-dive webinars, focus on LinkedIn, and seminars for international students. Use this link to go to the International Students Career Seminar. You will need to register and create your account.  After creating your account you will receive email reminders when new lectures are available. Click “Login” on the top bar, either login OR click the “registration” button (lower right) to create your account. Enter your first name, last name, school (NC State), and email address.  Click the SIGN UP button Check your email for your login password (which you can change on the site after you login the first time).  Use this Learning guide for a one-page overview of accessing Beyond B-School View this Loom video for a quick overview of accessing Beyond B-School Please click the View Resource button below OR click this link to go directly to the Beyond B-School site.