CaseCoach is a leading online prep platform for case interviews and consulting applications.  The videos provide everything you need to prepare for the case studies used at interviews.  It was developed by former McKinsey interviewers and headhunters which gives insight into how to be successful in a case-based interview.

CaseCoach provides everything you need to prepare for case study interviews used by top consulting firms and other employers, including
The platform includes:

  • Bite-sized video lectures covering the 12 key skills assessed by the firms across both the fit and case interviews with tips and techniques on how to build and demonstrate these skills
  • 21 interview videos featuring real candidates who went on to join top firms, with detailed commentary on their performance
  • Extensive prep material, including a library of 80+ exclusive case studies with solutions, with a scorecard like the one your interviewer has on the other side of the table
  • A practice feature, to organize mock interviews with other students, within NC State or at other schools, and track your performance
  • Math, structuring and exhibit drills to hone in on critical skills

View this short CaseCoach introduction video that explains the CaseCoach platform.  

View this quick PDF Slide Show for an overview of accessing CaseCoach.  We recommend you view the short intro video then move to the video lectures.  There are 13 case interviews which are great examples to view.  Then move to practicing.  You can access the prepared cases (print the PDF and use to practice).  You can also find people to practice with if you would like.

We offer CaseCoach via a registration link.  You must be pre-enrolled in the system so you receive NC State’s free access.

If you are interested in improving your Case interviewing skills, want to sign up,  or have questions, please contact Connie Fowler at or your Career Coach.   You will need to create an account using your ncsu@edu email address and create a password.