Explore our MBA employment data, including average base salaries and signing bonuses, employment acceptances by function, industry and geographical region.  These stats provide an overview of the career outcomes of recent MBA graduates.  The data covers 100% of the graduating class. The “Class Year” represents all graduates who completed the program between July 1 of the previous year and June 30 of the year stated.  (For example, the Class of 2018 includes graduates who completed the program between July 1, 2017 and June 30, 2018.) The statistics are consistent with the information collected and formally reported in compliance with the MBA Career Services and Employer Alliance Standards for Reporting MBA Employment Statistics.

Timing of First Job Acceptance

To ensure comparable data, MBA CSEA maintains two reporting dates for job offers and job acceptances, at graduation and at three months after graduation.

Job Acceptance

The job acceptance rate is calculated based on employment offers accepted by the total number of graduates who self-identified as "seeking MBA-level employment" opportunities upon program completion and up to 90 days post-completion.


The salary metrics are based on student-reported base starting salaries.  Signing bonuses are reported separately.

Base Salary

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Industry Destinations

Industry groupings are based on the employing organizations' industry classification.  The MBA CSEA Standards for Reporting Full-Time MBA Employment Statistics utilizes the following industry categories: consulting, consumer packaged goods, energy, financial services, government, healthcare (including products and services), hospitality, manufacturing, media/entertainment, non-profit, real estate, retail, technology, transportation & logistics services, and other.

Function Destinations

MBA employment and salary information are also reported by professional function.  The MBA CSEA employment standards utilize the following functions for reporting purposes: consulting, finance/accounting, general management, human resources, marketing/sales, information technology, operations/logistics, and other.

Hiring Employers

Location Destinations

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