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Making Better Decisions by Thinking in Bets

Pete Mockaitis | How to Be Awesome at Your Job
Learn to make better, more informed decisions in an unpredictable world. In this course, adapted from the popular podcast How…

Introducing the PMBOK® Guide—Seventh Edition

Cyndi Snyder Dionisio
Every four to five years, the PMBOK® Guide is updated to reflect fresh perspectives and approaches. The PMBOK® Guide –…

Communication within Teams

Daisy Lovelace
Communication is an integral part of strong teamwork. In this course, Duke University professor Dr. Daisy Lovelace walks you through…

Essentials of Team Collaboration

Dana Brownlee
The best teams don’t wait for someone to tell them what to do. Instead, they work together to set themselves…

The Science of Intelligent Achievement (Blinkist Summary)

Learn how smart people focus, create, and grow their way to success. The Science of Intelligent Achievement by Isaiah Hankel,…

Overcoming Complexity

Richard Gerver
Critical thinking and problem-solving are among the foundational skills needed in the modern workplace. They help you break down complex…

Self-Compassion: The Proven Power of Being Kind to Yourself (Blinkist Summary)

Self-Compassion is an urgent call for us to be more kind to ourselves. Based on empirical psychological research, this popular…

Components of Effective Learning

Michael Allen
Boring training doesn’t work. And merely incorporating the latest and greatest in elearning technology isn’t enough to make concepts stick…

Articulate Storyline 360: Advanced Elearning

David Anderson
Unlock the power of Articulate Storyline 360. Learn next-level tools and techniques for building engaging and interactive elearning. In this…

Building Relationships While Working from Home

Dave Crenshaw
Working from home removes distractions, but also eliminates important face-to-face interactions. Home-based workers often report feeling disconnected, isolated, and alone.…

Crafting Dynamic Characters

Mary Kole
Mary Kole (character guru, literary agent, and freelance editor) works with bestselling author Jessica Brody to produce this course on…

What You Need to Know to Get Started with Your Training Program

David Brownlee
Team training is hard. Training on a mass scale is even harder. With so many different moving parts—from creating content,…

Creating the Environment for Productive Virtual Teams

Amy Brann
Remote teams present some unique benefits and challenges for managers and for the employees on the teams. In this course,…

Prioritizing Tasks for Maximum Impact

Pete Mockaitis | How to Be Awesome at Your Job
When we sit down to complete the tasks on our to-do lists, a myriad of distractions—from our smartphones to well-meaning…

How to Train Your Brain for Maximum Growth

Pete Mockaitis | How to Be Awesome at Your Job
Train your brain to brave any challenge. In this course, adapted from the podcast How to Be Awesome at Your…

CISSP Cert Prep (2021): 7 Security Operations

Mike Chapple
Are you preparing to take the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) exam, or maybe an information security professional who…

Managing Projects as Offices Reopen

Cyndi Snyder Dionisio
Project teams are starting to head back into the office. With team members returning at different times—and with their own…

Business Benefits Realization Foundations

Laura Paton
Increased competition, globalization, and shifting technologies are just some of the contributing factors that require today’s organizations to up their…

Backgrounder: Leadership Conversations with Different Personalities

Kwame Christian
As a leader, you need to be able to motivate your team, have difficult conversations, and negotiate successfully on your…

Use Your Strengths for Impact and Influence at Work

Marielle Legair
Your ability to make an impact and influence those around you is crucial to your career. We all have friends…

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