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The MBA Student Experience

MBA Experience: Rudha Loganathan

Maximizing your MBA

Highlight Videos

MBA Experience: Jelyse Dawson

MBA Experience: David Saterfield

MBA Experience: Chandan Dash

MBA Experience: Debra Mehta


Interview like a Rockstar

Tips to Ace a Video Interview

Focus on You- Ace the Video Interview

Informational Interviewing with Steve Dalton

Mock Interviewing

Branding, Networking, Resumes and LinkedIn

Effective Networking

Lead Through Strengths

How to Write a Powerful LinkedIn Summary

Building Strong Accomplishment Statements

How to Tell Your Story in Your LinkedIn Summary

Writing Powerful Cover Letters

Networking for Introverts

Job Search Strategy

How to Break Into Tech

A Youtube playlist of Ted Talks regarding soft skills, resilience, and motivation

How to Find Fulfilling Work

Career Topics for Women

Women and Negotiation

I Didn’t Negotiate My Salary

Negotiating: Women vs. Men


Pre-orientation Homework

Creating Your Jenkins MBA Resume

The National Black Career Fair Experience

Darshana Paithankar Testimonial

Lauren McGuire Testimonial

2018 National Black Testimonials

National Black 2018 Promotional Video

Career Conversations

From the Military to the Civilian MBA World

Grand Business Challenge

NC State Grand Business Challenge

Internal Advancement

What Do I Have To Do To Get Promoted?

How To Get a Response To Your Emails

Maximizing Your Internship

Overcoming 10 Common Career Change Challenges

Case Interviews

Capital One Case Prep