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Business Analytics

The growing use of business analytics to drive business strategy and performance throughout organizations has created a parallel rising demand for individuals who understand how to use business analytics to solve business issues. Pursuing a graduate certificate or a graduate program focused on business analytics allows a student to articulate a deeper knowledge and applicable set of skills.The Business Analytics Initiative at Poole College brings together a set of analytics programs for students under one umbrella.

Graduate Business Analytics Preparation

The Poole College of Management offers three distinct analytics-focused programs for graduate students:

Business Analytics Certificate (Jenkins MBA)
Master of Management, Marketing Analytics
Master of Management, Risk and Analytics

The Business Analytics Certificate provides students with advanced skills and techniques to address both specific and industry-wide business problems. The certificate is a standalone option for Jenkins MBA students, and also serves as the core foundation of courses for the two Master of Management programs, on which additional courses in marketing and risk management are added, respectively.


LinkedIn Learning Classes

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Deploying and Running Apache Kafka on Kubernetes

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Understanding and Supporting Asian Employees

Sarah-SoonLing Blackburn
Underrepresented employees face unique challenges in the workplace, and understanding how to support them in these challenges is key to…

Machine Learning with Data Reduction in Excel, R, and Power BI

Helen Wall
View Helen’s LinkedIn Newsletter Analytics is a big part of how the world does data science. But did you know…

Excel Spreadsheet Design: Extreme Makeover

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Managing User Profiles with DynamoDB in Serverless Web Applications

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Excel for Mac Essential Training (Microsoft 365)

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Data Science Foundations: Python Scientific Stack

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Data science provides organizations with striking—and extremely valuable—insights into human behavior. While data mining can seem a bit daunting, you…

Leading from Anywhere (Blinkist Summary)

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TensorFlow: Neural Networks and Working with Tables

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Microsoft Data: SharePoint, Power Platform, Access, Excel

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Sometimes, people aren’t sure which tool in Office 365 will be best for their data needs. This course offers you…

Amazon Redshift Essentials

Jeremy Villeneuve
If you need to store, query, and manage a large amount of data, AWS Redshift is one of the most…

We Need to Talk (Blinkist Summary)

Texts, emails, DMs, tweets—these are increasingly the preferred methods of communication for the modern human race. While these are all…

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