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Supply Chain Management

While an MBA degree provides students with a broad general management skill set, a concentration can provide greater depth into specific areas of interest that allow a student to articulate a deeper knowledge and set of applicable skills.

Welcome to the Supply Chain Concentration Community!

A concentration in Supply Chain Management within the Jenkins MBA Program prepares students for managing the processes involved in the creation of any product or service, from raw materials, to the final sale. Developing an understanding of the interdisciplinary nature of supply chain management involves incorporating diverse skills and knowledge, coupled with multicultural and global perspectives. Furthermore, the increasingly complex global supply chain demands an understanding of the analytical tools that are essential to sound decision making.  Professional success is supported by coursework where students come to understand information flow, financial cycles, analytics, and marketing functions to match demand. Students learn the components of each department within an industry in order to deliver the right product or service to the end user at the right time.

The academic experience in Supply Chain is enhanced by the Supply Chain Resource Cooperative, established in 2000.  The SCRC partners with companies to provide practical, experiential learning opportunities for supply chain students and supports engagement activities to sustain the connection between our students and the corporate community.


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