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Our Commitment to You

We know that as a Working Professional MBA you are in the program to redirect the trajectory of your career. You are making a significant investment. You may or may not know specifically at this point how your career may change, but you do know it will be “different” in some way. The Career Center is here to assist you in that transformation.

Something for Everyone

Most Working Professional MBA’s fall in one of the three career advancement profiles listed below. We have tailored one-on-one executive coaching, workshops, and web resources to meet the career needs of each of these profiles:

1. Career “accelerators” | The career goal of many Jenkins MBA students is to accelerate their progression through the corporate ranks of their current employers. The MBA gives credibility, business acumen, and the soft skills, necessary to accelerate in the organization.

2. Career “transitioners” | Some students use the MBA in order to change careers. The MBA teaches business skills and offers functional experiences and exposure to other industries that they would not have had otherwise.The career center has resources for students to explore new careers, industries, and companies.

3. Career “explorers” or “hunters” | While career transitioners usually have a career plan of which the MBA plays a part, career explorers may not have a plan, yet know that they don’t want to stay on their current career path. These students use their MBA experience to explore other career options available to them given newly-acquired business skills and experiences.

On-Campus Recruiting

Learn more about Resource Available to Working Professional MBAs Eligible for On-Campus Recruiting


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On-demand Career Courses

Planning and Executing Your Next Internal Move

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Access to CMC-hosted Employer Relations events

Introduction Over the course of a school year, you will get the opportunity to meet several hundred corporate representatives through…

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