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Our Commitment to You

We know that as a Working Professional MBA you are in the program to redirect the trajectory of your career. You are making a significant investment. You may or may not know specifically at this point how your career may change, but you do know it will be “different” in some way. The Career Center is here to assist you in that transformation.

On-Demand Career Roadmaps

These links will take you to the appropriate roadmaps on North Carolina State University’s Moodle server.  To enroll, just click “Enroll”.  Here is a 38 second tutorial video

The job search process involves a number of steps or elements that can occur at the same time; however, this roadmap framework is presented linearly.  

Working Professional MBAs who received a “100” for the Leading Teams I résumé assignment and have had a career meeting with a coach will have access to these resources on 12Twenty.

We are prepared to meet you where you are:

Most Working Professional MBA’s fall in one of the three career advancement profiles listed below. We have tailored one-on-one executive coaching, workshops, and web resources to meet the career needs of each of these profiles:

  1. Career “accelerators” | The career goal of many Jenkins MBA students is to accelerate their progression through the corporate ranks of their current employers. The MBA gives credibility, business acumen, and the soft skills, necessary to accelerate in the organization.
  2. Career “transitioners” | Some students use the MBA in order to change careers. The MBA teaches business skills and offers functional experiences and exposure to other industries that they would not have had otherwise.The career center has resources for students to explore new careers, industries, and companies.
  3. Career “explorers” or “hunters” | While career transitioners usually have a career plan of which the MBA plays a part, career explorers may not have a plan, yet know that they don’t want to stay on their current career path. These students use their MBA experience to explore other career options available to them given newly-acquired business skills and experiences.



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LinkedIn Learning Classes

How Managers Create a Culture of Belonging

Kimberly Manns
Research shows that when individuals feel a sense of belonging at work, there is a 56% increase in job performance.…

Managing a Multigenerational Team

Lindsey Pollak
For the first time in history, there are five different generations in the global workforce. Managers and leaders are tasked…

Creative Problem Solving for Technologists

Adam Shostack
Are you trying to solve a problem that just won’t budge, or a problem that calls for a new way…

Business Analysis Foundations: Planning

Christina Charenkova
Your business analysis plan is a fundamental step in your BA journey. Business analysis planning and monitoring is one of…

Project Management: Solving Common Project Problems

Chris Croft
View Chris’s LinkedIn Newsletter When you’re balancing the triple constraints of project management (cost/quality/time) and trying to accomplish something new,…

A3 Roadmap for Becoming a High-Performance Team

Sam Yankelevitch
The A3 roadmap provides an actionable step-by-step guide for organizations that are striving to improve the performance of their teams…

Shifting Your Mindset for Financial Agility

If you haven’t already, you’re likely to experience financial strain at some point during your lifetime. Fortunately, these stressful situations…

Diversity and Inclusion in a Global Enterprise (2021)

Stefanie Johnson
Finding ways to effectively lead diversity efforts is often seen as the grand challenge for today’s leaders, particularly when you…

Communicating as a Leader Nano Tips with Jessica Chen

Jessica Chen
Welcome to our Nano Tips series, where LinkedIn Learning creators deliver impactful lessons in literally seconds. In this course, learn…

Inclusion and Equity for Workers with Disabilities

Liz Johnson
While inclusion and equity are increasingly important to organizations as they build and maintain their modern workforces, workers with disabilities…

Inventory Management Foundations

Steven Brown
The success of a business can hinge on how its inventory is managed. There are costs to having too little—or…

Microsoft Project in Business Situations: Tips from the Field

Cindy Lewis
If you’re new to project management and scheduling, or just looking to upskill for your current role, learning how to…

Inclusion in a Global Enterprise

Stefanie Johnson
Finding ways to effectively lead diversity efforts is often seen as the grand challenge for today’s leaders, particularly when you…

The Six Morning Habits of High Performers

Pete Mockaitis | How to Be Awesome at Your Job
Learn the six habits of the most successful people in history. Hal Elrod describes how they changed his life—and how…

How to Sell Anything with Confidence

When you exude confidence, your odds of having success increase. This goes for anything from learning a skill to owning…

Developing Mental Toughness for Leadership

Richard Gerver
Mental toughness—aka resilience—is a foundational skill for modern leaders. It is the key to leading companies through times of change…

Strategies for Negotiation Nano Tips with Chris Croft

Chris Croft
Welcome to our Nano Tips series, where LinkedIn Learning creators deliver impactful lessons in literally seconds. In this installment, unlock…

One-Minute Habits for Resilience

Scott Mautz
View Scott’s LinkedIn Newsletter Research shows that of all the attributes we try to strengthen, resilience is the most difficult…

Getting Organized for Peak Performance

You’ve probably heard it a thousand times: “Time is money.” But how can you capture all of that revenue when…

Ten Habits of Mentally Strong People

Scott Mautz
View Scott’s LinkedIn Newsletter It’s a well-established fact that much like we can increase our physical strength, we can increase…

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