Supply Chain Management

While an MBA degree provides students with a broad general management skill set, a concentration can provide greater depth into specific areas of interest that allow a student to articulate a deeper knowledge and set of applicable skills.

How To Lead In A World That Will Never Stop Changing?

As we continue to navigate the profound impact of COVID-19, employees across all industries are juggling personal demands while trying to keep up with work. Don’t you agree that leaders play a significant role in looking out for their team …

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5 Steps to Reduce Pandemic Burnout in 2022

The higher you advance in your career, the less your time can seem to belong to you. Take CEOs for example: One pre-pandemic study by Harvard Business School found that the average executive works 9.7 hours each day, with 79 …

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3 ways to work towards your dream career

Everyone wants to have their dream career, Some people have grand ambitions of an executive-level job, others want to own their own business, and some just want a job that affords them the freedom and flexibility to do more of …

By College Recruiter
College Recruiter believes that every student and recent grad deserves a great career.
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How to Apply Your Problem Solving Skills in the Workplace

Illustration by Marian Blair

Problem solving is a “soft skill” valued by just about every employer. And its importance will only grow in the future—the World Economic Forum predicts that by 2025 (and beyond), employers will increasingly seek out creative …

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How Finding Your Work Style Can Increase Productivity

“What’s your work style,” is a common enough interview question. But continuing that conversation after you start a job is a great way to ensure that you’re working in a space where everyone feels empowered to do their best work. 

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