Our career management events serve as wonderful opportunities for you to share your experience and give back. We appreciate your willingness to get involved and look forward to having you back on campus.

To get involved with one of our career management events please see below for opportunities. If you would like to register, please contact Connie Fower (cgreavis@ncsu.edu) to start organizing your engagement.

Opportunities for Getting Involved:

  • Mock Interviews

    • Support the Career Management Center by serving as a mock interviewer
      · MBA Friends & Family Mock Interview Day: TBD
    • Virtual Informational Interviews (Phone/Skype/Telepresence)

      • Share your industry expertise and personal career experiences with current students.
      • Corporate Presentations

        • Serve as a representative of your organization by facilitating a corporate to current Jenkins students. Please email Connie Fowler (cgreaivs@ncsu.edu) for additional information and a list of available dates.
        • Subject Specific Workshops and Panels

          • Are you a subject matter expert on a specific topic? Share your industry expertise and personal career experiences with current students through a workshop or panel. See a sample list of topics below     Topics:– Expanding your network through LinkedIn
            – Interview like an MBA
            – Data Analytics
            – Project Management
            – Entrepreneurship
            – Leveraging your MBA for a promotion
            – Leveraging your MBA for a career change
            – Lessons to learn before business school
            – Building influence at work
            – Building visibility at work
            – How to have crucial career conversations with your supervisor
            – What does a hiring manager expect from an MBA vs. a non-MBA.
            – Leadership presence at work
            – Emotional intelligence
            – Doing performance evaluations
            – What kind of jobs can I get with an Entrepreneurship concentration?
            – I’m an engineer – how do I leverage my MBA into management
            – How do I find my career purpose?
            – Comparative advantage of a Jenkins MBA vs. the blue schools