Vault provides guidebooks on industries and careers, as well as specialized job search preparation.  Use vault to research industries including starting salaries.View this PDF slide show  for an overview of accessing Vault.   Here is a one page quick reference guide to accessing and using Vault.  We highly recommend you review the reference guide.  Vault offers variety of training videos that provide insight on topics such as internships, using Vault’s guidebooks, and finding your dream job.  It is worth your time to view some of these videos.  Video times range in length from 8 minutes to 1 hour.  Take a look!  Here is a promo video.

Please take a look at this video that walks you through the vault website


Here is a link to Vault’s Content overview

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Note: more than 800 university career centers (200+ business schools) rely on Vault Campus Edition, which provides students and alumni the internship, industry, profession, and company data and insight they need to seek, find, evaluate, and land the best job or internship.

Please click the View Resource button below OR click this link to go directly to the Vault site and click “Log In” at the top right side of the page. You will then be able to create a Vault Profile.