Working Professionals Employment Data: May, 2020

The Part-Time MBA population are typically already employed, and their “outcome” can occur at any time (or many times) during their program. Additionally, many part-time MBA’s realize the career benefits of their degree well beyond graduation, and while those are important changes, life-long changes and the total value of the program are beyond the purview of the Global MBA Career Services & Employer Alliance (MBA CSEA). Thus, a point-in-time career profile is a much more appropriate approach to developing standards for this group. The Part-Time MBA Employment Profile is the continuation of MBA CSEA’s commitment to providing agreed upon and accepted reporting standards for all MBA employment data. The Part-Time MBA Employment Profile is meant to capture a point-in-time snapshot of the employment profile for the graduating class, and not the life-long changes and total value of the program or the impact or effectiveness of the career services function.