Step 3: Submit an accomplishment-based Jenkins MBA resume

A resume is often your first impression with a potential employer, so an effective resume that captures your accomplishments and highlights your unique differentiators is a must-have for every MBA.

Why do we insist upon using a resume template?

It’s a fair question. First of all, we don’t want to stifle your individuality. There’s a business reason we insist on the template. This official resume will be published in a resume book that will be shared with employers. The template has been optimized for readability which makes it easier for employers to quickly find the most important information on your resume. Jenkins has a strong employer brand and we’ve learned that recruiters appreciate the visual consistency and branding that identifies our program.

Jenkins MBA Résumé Review Service

The Jenkins Graduate Career center has partnered with a third-party human resume review service to give you a detailed critique of your résumé.  The service provider has a team of résumé reviewers who are up-to-date on the résumé best practices in business management.  The team has worked with hundreds of business school student, professional, and executive clients.  The reviewers will evaluate it from the perspective of an employer hiring a business manager.

After submitting your résumé, a reviewer will review it and provide margin comments for improvements.  The reviewer will also give you a graded overall evaluation.  The overall evaluation will critique your effort in seven areas:

  1. Presentation/format
  2. Header
  3. Education
  4. Experience
  5. Additional information
  6. Spelling and grammar
  7. Strategic Content

Video Tutorials from MBA Résumé Subject Matter Experts

10 Resume Tips To Spotlight Your Value (13:14) Focus on thinking strategically, not structurally, about your resume.

Building Strong Accomplishment Statements (12:34)  Market Your Value. Beat the competition.

How to Showcase Your MBA In Your Resume (7:44). Do more than list your MBA — showcase it.

Resumes That Sell: So What? Make Me Care! Do It Fast! (9:32). “Wow” your target employer with your story: know what sells and what doesn’t.

How to build a great resume profile (8:46). Make the reader stop and say “this person has what we are looking for.”

The 5 most common resume questions answered (5:44). Answers to the 5 most common questions about resumes.

Modernize Your Resume Content (14:51) Tailor your content to how recruiters read – they skim, absorb information in small bites, and are distracted by the unfamiliar.

Modernize Your Resume Format (11:17). Organize and present information so employers can easily understand who you are, what you do, where you’ve done it and most important consideration of all, how you can help them.  

Make Your Resume ASPIRATIONAL to Get You Where You Want to Go (9:15). Your future may not be based on your past.  Here are five ways to make your résumé aspirational, opening doors to a promising future.

Assignment Resources


  1. Watch résumé videos
  2. Review assignment resources.  Pay special attention to Résumé Style Guide and Résumé guidelines.
  3. Write/edit your résumé in the Jenkins Working Professional MBA format.  Click this link to access the template, and follow the résumé style guide and résumé guidelines.
  • Read the style guide and résumé guidelines before writing/editing your résumé.  The formatting tips are very specific, and you can avoid extra effort if you follow them at the start.
  • If you are copy/pasting text from an existing résumé, remove formatting elements of our existing document.  Either copy/paste into Notepad first, or when you paste into the template, click “keep text only”.
  1. When you have satisfactorily completed your draft, click this link to enter the résumé review portal. You will upload your résumé in WORD format, as well as provide your contact information and targeted job and industry.  Your evaluated résumé will be returned within 72 hours with red-lined comments and an overall evaluation.  Your résumé will be returned to you if you did not write/edit it in the Jenkins Working Professional MBA format.
  2. Make recommended edits and schedule a meeting with your career coach to review. (Click “Appointments” in the left margin).

Final step – review your final résumé edit and post in“Résumés” in 12Twenty. (12Twenty Dashboard > Profile> Application Materials>Résumés)