Step 2: Introduction to the Perception – Visibility – Influence (PVI) model

Lesson 1: To be promoted, you have to do more than just be good at your job. 

You probably heard that performing your job well and producing exceptional results are all that it takes, but the reality is this kind of effort alone doesn’t guarantee success. Getting promoted requires that you demonstrate that you can be good at the next job. You need to be able to speak the language of the next role and demonstrate you can get things done. 

The reality is that talent, results and competence alone will not push someone up the corporate ladder. This career development module utilizes a three-step model to leverage your business school studies to increase your promote-ability in your company.   This PVI model originated from executive coach Joel Garfinkel of Joel Garfinkel Executive Coaching.

Lesson 2: Perception

How people perceive you based on the image you have, the attitude you project and the type of impressions you make.  Perceptions matter because only those who are seen in a favorable light by their bosses, peers and subordinates will continue to move ahead in their careers.  Your behavior directly impacts how others evaluate and judge you.  Behaviors can both be positive and negative depending on the context and the company you work for.  You must find out what behaviors are most desirable for projecting a positive perception of yourself among your employees, peers, and management.

Lesson 3: Visibility.

Visibility is important because the people who make decisions about your career need to be aware of your value.  You might be performing well, but unless the right people know how well you are performing, you will be overlooked, especially if you work in a group of very talented people.

You won’t get ahead if no one knows who you are.  You must make an effort to stand out if you want to advance in your company.  An often misinterpreted concept is self-promotion.  We will talk about how to self-promote without coming off as “self-promote-y”

Lesson 4: Influence.

Perception and visibility are the pillars which support your ability to influence, or create change.  People who can show that they have made important decisions and have made an impact are the ones who are ultimately rewarded.  You want to demonstrate a pattern of results, not just showing up every day for a rinse and repeat of last week.

The PVI concept is intuitively easy to understand; however, the process does require strength and persistence.  The challenge is to intentionally adopt new behaviors and habits. When you intentionally change your behaviors, you’ll see more opportunities. It will be easier to take control of how others see you, and you will feel refreshed in your career.