Manage Career (Step 7)

Once you have established yourself in your organization of choice, it is time to start managing your career internally.  Many of the same principals and processes in an external job search apply to the internal career campaign as well.

Setting goals, narrowing or eliminating competency gaps, promoting your career brand, networking, and identifying key stakeholders will help you advance to the next level or help you make a lateral move into a different functional area of interest.   Managing your career is a life-long activity.  Remember that you are always in charge of your destiny!

Phase 1 – Focus on Career Goals. | Learn How and Download Talent Engagement Worksheet

Define where within the corporation you would like to engage your energy, projected forward three to five years. Consider where you can deliver the most value to the success of the company while utilizing your greatest strengths. Determine where there is synergy between your professional mission and the direction and requirements of the company. Which role would allow you to tap into your natural energy, and leverage your new learning to contribute to mutual success? Consider that you may plan for an incremental shift in the short term to reach a more substantial long term goal.

Phase 2 – Assess Readiness for Action. | Learn How and Download Competency Worksheet

Gauging your readiness for action depends on thoroughly evaluating your goals and resources in the context of your company’s direction.

Three areas of the environment require your consideration:

  1. Competency
  2. Relationships
  3. Influence

If you are to be successful in moving forward substantially, you will engage in energetic assessment of your readiness in each of these critical areas.

Phase 3 – Refine Positioning Strategy. | Learn How and Download Gap Analysis: Competencies / Relationships

In phase 3, you will conduct a rigorous gap analysis against the competencies, relationships and influence required to make the move a reality within the company. Identify which specific critical competencies demand development. Construct your corresponding Learning Plan. Determine who you need to support your plan. Develop your internal network of champions. Consider to what extent your contributions are aligned to the critical requirements for the mission of the company. Adjust personal goals to align with those of the Executive Team.

Phase 4 – Project Pathways to Results. | Learn How and Download Action Plan: Competencies / Relationships

In phase 4, you will map the pathways most conducive to achieving your desired results. Ask yourself whether it is possible to make a quantum move forward within your present company. Would it work best to begin with an incremental move while you close some gaps, preparing for a greater leap in the future? Confirm the appropriate timeframe for implementation. Map your course.

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Phase 5 – Propel Your Career Forward. | Learn How

Managing your career is a process.  Energetically implement your plan, step by step. Fully engage in courses, trainings, discussions with advisors and mentors regarding competency gaps. Assertively develop relationships with champions who can help you accomplish your goals.  Strategically build internal as well as external support for your initiatives. Walk briskly down your path. Reassess regularly and recalibrate whenever appropriate.

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