Step 2: Complete CareerLeader assessment and Submit the results

Please watch this video that describes the purpose of self-assessments.

Assessments are a process of learning about yourself.  They give a clearer sense of who you are and where you are meant to be.  By knowing your interests, skills, values, and preferred work environments, you can intentionally place yourself in positions where you will most likely be able to succeed.  The more you learn about yourself and what you need and want from a career, the more you will recognize a good short-term job and long-term career fit.   Too often, MBAs rush to pursue jobs and careers which were prescribed to them by other people years ago.  As an MBA, you have the opportunity to rethink your old assumptions about what you should be doing with your life and blaze a new trail.   We recommend that you use one or both assessments.


CareerLeader® is a business career self-assessment program, developed by two directors in the Harvard Business School CMC.  It is the MBA self-assessment benchmark.  It is used by many graduate business schools and students to help them with their career decisions.   It has three reflection objectives:

  1. Creates career success/satisfaction profile using your interests, values, and skills.
  2. Predicts elements of organizational culture key to your success and happiness.
  3. Compares your profile to over 600,000 successful people in MBA careers, and projects likely  career paths you would enjoy and succeed.


A.  Instructions to access CareerLeader:

  1. Email John Hutchings,, for a CareerLeader username and password.  As an administrator, he will have to create an account for you.
  2. Visit: and follow the onscreen prompts to the NEW USER section of the page
  3. Enter your email address: i.e.,
  4. Enter your registration key:  ncstate-keeper  (the hyphen is required)
  5. Once you have successfully logged in and activated your account, you will be directed to the user dashboard.  There, you will be able to click on TAKE THE TEST for each of the three inventories (INTERESTS, MOTIVATORS, SKILLS).  Plan on taking 25 – 45 minutes.  For best results, answer each question quickly, don’t try to overthink it.  But, you do not have to complete the assessment in one sitting.
  6. After completing all three inventories, you will be able to view your personalized results in each of the six sections on the dashboard.  Your personalized CareerLeader Report is available for download and printing within the Toolbox section of the user dashboard.

B.  Submit the printable personalized CareerLeader report (from toolbox section of user dashboard). Here is the CareerLeader dropbox of the Career Management Training Moodle site.

C.  Click this link to schedule an appointment with your career coach.  Then Click “Appointments” in the left nav.