Financial Intelligence for Non-Finance Managers

This workshop will be offered In Person Only. Students are not permitted to park in the gravel lot under the building. This space is reserved for employees of the Brooks building only.


105 Brooks Ave

Raleigh, NC 27607

Financial Intelligence for Non-Finance Managers        

As the economy fluctuates, and as corporate belts tighten in response, senior business leaders are expecting their MBAs to demonstrate increased financial savvy.

Regardless of your position or tenure, managers at all levels and functions are expected to be able to read standard financial reports, interpret their contents in relation to their team’s work, and ultimately to use this information to contribute to the profitability of the business.

Join us for Financial Intelligence for Non-Finance Managers, a workshop designed to help everyone read and interpret essential financial reports from a layperson’s lens.



Led by Andrew Harris, Director of Finance, Risk, and Deputy Chief Operating Officer at Credit Suisse, workshop participants will gain:

  • Practical refresher on how to read essential financial reports: balance sheets, income statements, cash flow statements, and 10ks
  • Key insights you should be getting when looking at financials
  • Understand how these financial statements interact to give managers and individual contributors insights into the business’s financial health
  • How to assess and communicate your team’s impact to the profitability of the business through financial statements
  • Real-life stories of managerial misstep that undermine credibility and reputation

The Guest Lecturer

Andrew Harris is the Director of Finance, Risk & Deputy Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Credit Suisse. Harris brings 15+ years’ of progressive leadership experience in corporate finance spanning public and private sectors at esteemed corporations including: Credit Suisse, Duke Energy, Princess Cruises (Carnival Corporation), and KPMG.

Harris graduated from the Jenkins MBA program in 2020.


Location:  NC State University Main Campus, Brooks Large Conference Room

105 Brooks Avenue, across the street from Nelson Hall.

Parking: Dan Allen Parking Ramp, 110 Dan Allen Drive, Raleigh, NC  27607  Paid public parking is located on the bottom floor of the garage . Do not park in the lot under the Brooks building. This is for employees only and you will be towed!

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