Spring Mock Interview Practice with Alumni & Employers

In this session, students will have the opportunity to practice their pitches and interviewing skills, live, with an employer partner or alumni. Note, employers are not specifically attending this event to recruit students – though they are permitted to reach out to you for further conversations if you impress them. So impress them!

We will start with a quick 20 minute primer on how to approach brief, first round interviews, lead by Kira Dalton

Then each participant will have the opportunity to interview with an alumni or employer partner for 20 minutes, then receive feedback and discuss questions with the alumni/employer for 5 minutes. 

Students MUST sign up for interview slots with employers/alumni in order to secure their places and receive the zoom link information. All interviews will be held virtually. Sign up for a timeslot via the sign up sheet here. 


This is an excellent practice opportunity for any student preparing to recruit for an internship or new full time job. Particularly those planning to attend a diversity conference. It’s a great ‘first practice round’ before being thrown into the recruiting process. 

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