Gearing Up for the Full-Time Job Hunt: Setting Timelines and Tasks with Pivot Dates

This session will give second year, full time seeking MBA students a tactical approach to their job search. Rather than just a task list of items to cover  in no particular order, we will explore/build a monthly “to do” structure that aligns with the 8 – 12 week post to hire window, for most full-time Just in Time (JIT) roles that are posted by companies for any full-time employment seeking candidate (not MBA specific). 

In this session we will:

  • Review timelines for JIT roles that are not exclusively targeting MBA graduates.
  • Learn to build/manage a “task list” of target items (like number of informational interviews by month)
  • Discuss common pitfalls of networking and how to alter your outreach messaging if you’re having trouble getting responses from cold outreach. 
  • Review resources/decks from orientation that have helpful email templates to reference.
  • Address individual questions brought up by attendees



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