Leading Vs. Bossing: Creating a High Performance Culture (Career Conversation)

Crucial Career Conversations:  Leading vs. Bossing: Creating a High Performance Culture.   

Leadership is not defined solely by title or position. It is a skill developed and used to create a culture in which people feel they want to be led by you. This type of leadership can be the difference between a dream job and one we might dread.  What does it take to be this kind of leader?  An effective leader knows that his or her success depends upon the effectiveness and success of the team, and shares credit with the team.  The culture created by this kind of leadership is one in which staff members are valued and motivated to do and be their best, and then some. Compare this to a culture defined by coercion and intimidation.  Think about the bosses you have had with each of these leadership styles. For whom do you prefer to work?

Learning Objectives for Students Attending this Conversation:

1.     Create a personal definition of leadership

2.     Identify an existing leadership strength

3.     Identify an existing leadership area for development that can be critical in future career success

4.     Be able to articulate (write) two or three steps to enhance Objective # 2 and #3. 

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