MBA Job Search and CMC Resources

The summer before your MBA program begins, students are often eager to dive into career preparation to enhance their skills and brand. 

Most MBAs are curious about the fundamentals of the career search: 

  • What do MBAs do for their summer internships, and where do they go post graduation? 
  • What are the important timelines? 
  • What are the critical MBA job search skills, and how will I learn them? 
  • How will the CMC work with me to create a customized plan for my search? 

Join us to learn:

  • Overview of MBA internship search timelines: MBA career fairs and diversity conferences, typical company hiring timelines and trends, intro to job search strategy planning
  • Overview of CMC preparation activities from Moodle, to Orientation, to MBA 610 in the fall


Unable to attend live? This session will be recorded, and both recording and deck will be posted in the Fall 2023 Full-Time Orientation Moodle for review.

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