Network With Greater Confidence and Less Anxiety to a Terrific Job

Searching for your job by relying on postings – on LinkedIn, Indeed, company websites, etc. — may make you feel productive, however, using job postings is a low odds method for landing job interviews. Networking is more work and a little less comfortable, but it is far more likely to produce interviews and land a great job.

Networking, or having conversations to share mutually beneficial information, is a process. One reason b-school students give up on networking is that it isn’t always immediately gratifying. You can’t guarantee that every networking conversation you have will translate into a job. While you can’t predict which people will be able to help or who they know, there are many reasons why you shouldn’t give up on networking.

Networking works because it helps the people you meet begin to know, like and trust you. These three things are the foundation of any transaction. Without them, you are a risky candidate. Have you ever considered buying an expensive product or service without asking for recommendations from people you trust or reading online reviews?

Another reason networking works is because hiring managers use their network to find qualified candidates. They ask their professional colleagues and personal network for referrals.

By meeting people in your desired industry and career path, you are getting the word out about your qualifications. You are also learning about the qualifications and characteristics specific companies are really looking for. Ultimately, you will be referred to hiring managers.

In this session, students will understand the benefits of networking and how they can leverage their network to advance their careers – you will:

  1. Mentally reframe the process to give you more confidence
  2. Identify best practices in reaching out and conducting informational interviews
  3. Write outreach emails that will get responses
  4. Describe strategies to connect with your closest friends you don’t know yet – Jenkins alumni.

Pre-requisite: None

Dress – Business casual

(The CMC asks that if you RSVP, you make every effort to attend.  We do know, however, that circumstances may change.  If they do, please un-RSVP on 12Twenty or in the Google Calendar invite, or let your career coach know if you are unable to attend.)

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