Learning Lab - Interview Skills Practice - Get That Promotion By Perfecting Your INTERNAL PROMOTION Interview

Internal interviewing?  Oh, a walk in the park, you say.  “What can be so hard about them – we’re all friends here, and my boss and everyone else knows what I do.  This is just a formality.  I don’t have to try as hard as if this was a different company.  Right?”

Not so fast.

First, your boss probably doesn’t know as much as you think she does about your achievements, skills and value to the team.

Second, you cannot assume the job has been bequeathed to you because you’re “next”.

The basic interviewing principles for an external job search are present here.  So we will be discussing and practicing such topics as perfecting the resume walk, making a good first impression, answering common behavioral and technical questions, and managing the interview follow-up process.

In addition, we will be addressing such topics as:

  1. Positioning yourself versus external candidates
  2. Addressing career blemishes
  3. Highlighting career successes
  4. Proposing new ideas and initiatives
  5. Leveraging your MBA to separate from other candidates


Instructors: John Hutchings, Associate Director, Poole College of Management Career Center, and Lisa Batts, Jenkins Working Professional MBA Executive Coach



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