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Jeff Weiner on Leading like a CEO

During Jeff Weiner’s tenure as the CEO at LinkedIn, the company grew its membership base from 33 million to more than 690 million members, increased its revenue from $78 million to more than $7.9 billion, and expanded its team from 338 to over 16,000 employees. Throughout this period of remarkable growth, Jeff developed the company’s values and created an organization where compassion is as revered as a healthy bottom line. In this course, Jeff shares his advice on what it takes to be a great leader, using a three-part framework of awareness, synthesis, and inspiration.

Learn about the importance of maintaining awareness of yourself, your team, your industry, and the world at large. Explore the topic of synthesis, which you achieve through developing your vision and values and by focusing on the most important priorities. Plus, learn about the role of inspiration in leadership, both in terms of being true to your own values and motivating others.

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