Planning and Executing Your Next Internal Move

Welcome to Planning and Executing Your Next Internal Move

This course is for students who are eager to learn best practices of elevating their stature with their organization in order to be promoted vertically, gain greater and new responsibilities in their current role, or move laterally into a different role. 

This course follows a three-step model to maximize your “promote-ability” –

  1. Improve perception – identify your strengths and developmental areas as perceived by others so you take action to align yourself to the promote-ability qualities sought by your organization.
  2. Increase visibility – create development and behavior strategies to be noticed by people who can influence your progression.
  3. Demonstrate your value – demonstrate initiative and engage in crucial conversations with corporate leadership to show your readiness and drive to move forward.

Course Map – How this on-demand course is organized

 These are the topics of which you will study and complete assignments.  You may follow the topics sequentially or click each separately.  However, we suggest that you follow as sequentially as you can.  In each topic, there are lessons, readings and or videos for deeper learning, and assignments.  This on-demand course has an electronic workbook with exercises for you to work and to share with your coach.

We encourage you to debrief with your career coach after completing each topic.

The Concept of “Promote-ability”

Introduction to the Perception – Visibility – Influence (PVI) model

Step 1: Perception. Identify and Adjust How Others Perceive You.

  • Identify strengths of which others honor you
  • Express your brand/candidate value proposition.  [Leave this off for now – 7/24/20]

Step 2: Visibility. Elevate Your Visibility within Your Organization.

  • Strategies and tactics to advocate for yourself.
  • Self-promote with authenticity.  
  • Pinpoint influencers who will advocate for you. 
  • Approaches to lift your visibility. 

Step 3: Influence. Speak and demonstrate your value

  • How to talk to your boss (crucial conversations).  
  • Explain the value of your MBA degree. 
  • Create a résumé, LinkedIn profile, pitch, and accomplishment stories that clearly align you to the next position, and shows your ability to contribute to your organization.
  • Prepare and practice an internal interview you are likely to experience.