Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization (TEC)

Advanced Java Development

You’re comfortable with the basics of writing in Java, but you want to level up your skills and be more productive. In this course, Bethan Palmer has exactly what you need, with topics including generics, multi-threading, inputs and outputs, and more. After explaining the differences between versions of Java, Bethan dives into generics in Java, advanced data structures, and functional programming. She covers concurrency in Java, including how to use the Runnable interface, the ExecutorService, and synchronized methods. Bethan highlights topics around input and output like reading from with a scanner, reading files with BufferedReader, and using try-with-resources. She also guides you through working with files in Java, creating a new file, working with directories, and copying files in Java. Each chapter includes challenges and solutions to reinforce what you’re learning.

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