Strategies for Effective Executive Onboarding: Settling into a New Leadership Role

McKinsey & Company suggests that leadership transitions have significant impacts. If leaders have difficult transitions, then their direct reports see a 15% decrease in their performance and are 20% more likely to disengage or quit. 

After two years, somewhere between …

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Capitalizing on Diversity: Leveraging Next-Generation Advantages in Executive Pipelines

Financial services company DTCC has developed practices that let it capitalize on diversity.

From its entry-level hiring practices onward, the organization has created a pipeline that effectively prepares non-White, non-male, and non-heterosexual candidates for executive roles.

With this goal in …

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Leaders Share the Best Pieces of Career Advice They’ve Ever Received

Sure, you should typically take others’ thoughts with a grain of salt – but some abiding adages and advice have withstood the test of time, being passed down from one leader to the next for a reason.

We caught up …

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How to find a tech job when companies are firing, not hiring

Tech startup layoffs have reached alarming levels, echoing the impact of the pandemic and affecting thousands of workers in the U.S. Unfortunately, layoffs affect new employee hiring as much as job security. A recent study by B2B Reviews looked at …

By College Recruiter
College Recruiter believes that every student and recent grad deserves a great career.
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Dealing with Meeting Fatigue in a Remote Setting

In the last few years, many companies have begun to adopt fully-remote or hybrid work paradigms, which inevitably means a whole lot of virtual meetings. This has led to increased awareness of the phenomenon known as “meeting fatigue.” Here are …

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