Apple Procurement Leader Hails from NC State


Today’s WSJ front page shares the important role of one of Apple’s top senior executives who runs much of the procurement and supply chain activity for Apple – Tony Blevins.  Mr. Blevins studied industrial engineering at North Carolina State, and grew …

By Sample Student
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How to Recognize “Job Spam” from Legitimate Job Offers

How to Recognize “Job Spam” from Legitimate Job Offers thumbnail image

Cypher789 / CC BY-SA

One of the biggest motivators for getting through the grueling years of residency is the “eye on the prize” notion that it will all pay off in the end. Although the dark nights and long days of …

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International Success at Apple: SPOTLIGHT ON GAURAV CHHABRA


With eight years’ of experience as an electronics engineer, Gaurav Chhabra, originally from New Delhi, India, said he entered the MBA program because “I wanted to broaden my horizons and get to know the business side of things. In the …

By Tala Kasih
Tala Kasih Tala Kasih
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